The Story

IAMERICA is a story about identity and friendship. Julian was inspired to write this story at a point in his life, just after having given up and landing at rock bottom. In an attempt to uplift his self-esteem, he began volunteering at a Ronald McDonald House in Seattle. There, Julian befriended a young kid with terminal cancer. The cards were stacked against him in more ways than Julian could fathom, yet his joy and love for the life he was given was ever-present. Over the course of many months, through what can only be labeled as “the power of love,” Julian watched him beat that terminal illness, which, for Julian, became a profound life-changing experience. That young kid recently turned 18 and he’s remains Julian’s inspiration.

IamErica, the film, follows Marc Stacy–a former Hollywood heartthrob–turned “cancel culture poster boy,” who hires, Erica Johnson–a real-life war-hero, to train him to play a gay Veteran with PTSD, in the biggest comeback movie of his career. The relationship that is forged between both characters act as an homage to the friendship Julian built with that little kid. Our hope is that this story will empower anybody that struggles to understand who they are. And to know that sometimes it’s the most unassuming people that enter into your life and change it forever.

This story is about self-worth and all of life’s obstacles that come along and make us forget how to access it.

Ultimately, it’s a “buddy dramedy,” but the journey to get there is fraught with raw and oftentimes painful truths. It’s a deep dive into being human and how vulnerable it can be at times. And how important it is to embrace that vulnerability.

Although very different people, Erica and Marc develop an unbreakable bond that will be tested. Think they can handle the pressure?