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IAMERICA: The Making of a Short Film

IAMERICA was shot on location in California, specifically in the Lake Arrowhead area, for a duration of five days. The production team provided accommodations and meals for our complete cast and crew.

We have completed principal production and the end result was so beautiful and high end, that we raised an additional $10k to put into post production, ensuring that the post-production work is as high quality and deserving of what we filmed!  We are currently thrilled to announce that our film is complete and now being sent to film festivals!  We can’t wait to share it with the world.

In addition to technical aspects, the film’s aesthetic appeal was enhanced through the use of props, costumes, makeup, and other elements that contribute to an engaging viewing experience.

Catering played a significant role in our production: we provided our small but mighty team with healthy and balanced meals (that we cooked ourselves) to keep the cast and crew well-nourished and hydrated during the demanding shooting schedule, which included some very early mornings, some late nights, a lot of mosquitos, and a visit from some skunks!

Post-production costs, such as editing, coloring, and the creation of a unique score are what we are currently fundraising for.  We are hoping to secure an additional $10k for professional editing (rather than doing it ourselves), color-grading and the film score.  This amount will also go towards film festival entries and other miscellaneous expenses such as web hosting fees.

In summary, the production team was committed to treating the cast and crew well and assembling an exceptional movie for audiences to enjoy and we feel that we have succeeded in this so far.  The calculated figure takes into account fair compensation for the cast and crew.  We are proud to report that every team member was fairly paid for their work and we met the SAG-AFTRA exemptions for cast member payroll.  In addition, we successfully covered team accommodations, meals, and other ancillary expenses, ensuring a safe and efficient shooting environment despite the challenges involved.


Julian Gavilanes, a first-time filmmaker, has set his sights on creating a full feature-length film that aims to captivate audiences and earn accolades in the industry. However, recognizing the need to prove his value as a filmmaker, he has chosen to shoot a short version of the film first. This short cinematic representation will enhance its visibility, expand its reach through film festivals, and generate interest in the project. To achieve the desired level of professionalism, financial support is crucial, and we successfully raised our full production target goals.

We hope to transition this short film into the fundraising platform that we need to finance an eventual feature based on the same concept. The film’s impact extends beyond the creators, as it aims to touch audiences and evoke a deeper sense of connection and understanding in the human experience. By supporting this project, donors become part of a meaningful journey that sets the stage for future empowering storytelling.

Help FINANCE our full length feature film here.