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Why we’re different

The ultimate objective is to transform the project into a full-length feature film, followed by a theatrical release, and to attain recognition through prestigious accolades such as the Academy Awards (dream big or go home!). The filmmakers express gratitude to all supporters and believers in their endeavor. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that the filmmaker is a novice in the field and should not anticipate preferential treatment until demonstrating their worth in this medium. As such, we have set our sights on producing a short film as an initial step, ensuring it possesses exemplary cinematography, outstanding performances, and masterful craftsmanship that align with the envisioned feature film.

The rationale behind creating a short cinematic representation lies in the expectation that it will enhance a future feature film's appeal, enabling broader exposure through film festivals, public promotions, and personal interest meetings. We aim for these platforms to serve as avenues to visually showcase the project. Nevertheless, we need your assistance at this juncture to get our dreams and goals off the ground.

Attention to Detail

The endeavor to create a high-quality short film incurs expenses, and in order to demonstrate its potential for future investment, substantial support is required to ensure its professional execution. With the collaborative efforts of the team, we have no doubt about our ability to surpass both our own and others' expectations.

Current Goal

We raised a mighty $32,000, a significant but worthy amount and have successfully completed production.