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Julian Gavilanes

Lead Actor, Co-Writer, Executive Producer

Julian Gavilanes has been a NYC based professional actor for 12 years. His television debut came with SyFy’s “Z Nation,” and he became a working member of the Screen Actors Guild without fully understanding its significance. Julian’s passion for acting led him to pursue studies at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, where he expanded his skills and navigated the challenges of being an aspiring actor in NYC. Julian has found success in the last decade with notable roles on TV shows like “Blue Bloods,” “Gotham,” and “Mr. Robot.” Alongside television work, Julian actively participated in independent films and is excited to embark upon the development of his first short film. With his comedic talent, expanding range, and dedication to his craft, Julian Gavilanes is an up-and-coming artist poised for a promising future, aiming to use acting as a means to inspire and guide others in their personal journeys.

Sean Crampton

Director and Co-Writer

Director and Co-Writer Sean Crampton is a California-born and raised director known for his compelling storytelling and artistic vision. He recently helmed “The Stalking Fields” (2023), a feature film exploring the journey of “Woodman,” a veteran suffering from PTSD who joins a covert government program aimed at unconventional healing methods. His directorial prowess was also showcased in “The Wheel” (2021), which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. In addition to his directorial achievements, Sean produced the thought-provoking feature film “Good Bad Things” (2023) and penned the mockumentary comedy “Richard Peter Johnson,” where he masterfully captured the world of a legendary male porn star turned actor. Notably, “Richard Peter Johnson” received critical acclaim, winning multiple awards including Best Director and Best Picture at the Playhouse West Film Festival in 2014. Sean’s dedication to his craft extends to his role as an educator, leading an online film course for aspiring filmmakers through the Rebel Filmmaking Community. With his passion for storytelling and a keen eye for capturing the essence of his characters, Sean Crampton continues to make his mark in the world of directing, leaving audiences captivated by his compelling narratives and distinctive style.

Nathan Haugaard

Director of Photography

Nathan Haugaard is an accomplished cinematographer that has consistently demonstrated his versatility and skill in capturing captivating imagery across various mediums. Renowned for his exceptional camera work across a diverse portfolio encompassing feature films, including the Avatar series, his resume also extends to commercials, music videos, and a number of short films.

The team is thrilled to work with this sought-after collaborator, who consistently delivers stunning visuals that enhance the narrative. With a collaborative approach and technical proficiency, Haugaard is certain to make his mark as a talented cinematographer, bringing creativity, precision, and a distinct visual style to every project he undertakes, including ours.

Erika T. Johnson

Lead Actor

Erika T. Johnson is a multifaceted talent, renowned as an actor, dancer, and accomplished stuntwoman. Erika's impressive body of work includes her standout portrayal of Venus in the hit series Abbot Elementary, as well as appearances in Shameless, Grey's Anatomy, The Mick, and The Rookie. Erika is an accomplished stunt woman, earning recognition and acclaim for her exceptional work in Marvel's "Black Panther," for which she received a prestigious SAG award. With a magnetic presence and a versatile skill set, Erika T. Johnson is a rising star who continues to captivate audiences, both as a performer and as an awe-inspiring stuntwoman. Erika's versatility is going to be an incredible asset to our film and we are so thrilled to have her on board.

Lauren Lindley

Executive Producer and Photographer

Rounding out logistics and back end administration, excel-spreadsheet running, and general boss of getting-things-done, is Lauren Lindley, an accomplished photographer, recognized for her exceptional work in various genres, including weddings, commercial, and event photography. With a passion for storytelling and capturing authentic moments, Lauren’s unique artistic vision has garnered her a strong reputation in the industry. In addition to her photography expertise, Lauren graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a Bachelor of Sciences in Radio-TV-Film and worked as an Assistant Director on several notable projects including Boyhood. She is a focused whiz at filling in the logistical gaps where Julian’s creative energy ends and is here to explore every unhinged idea he texts her.

Lish Bliss

Co-Producer, Actress

We are excited to have Lish Bliss, an award-winning actress and comedian on set playing the role of Kate. Lish grew up on a farm in rural Wisconsin, which means that her skills in tractor driving, shooting and riding will come in handy in the event of an emergency while we're on set in the woods. You can catch Lish's improv and comedy at the iO West and Westside Comedy Theatre where she performs regularly. She has made acclaimed short films, appeared in feature films, national commercials, and web series and we're thrilled to have access to her talent, dedication, and professionalism for IamErica!

Kyle Brady

Co-Producer, Actor

Kyle Brady is a multifaceted artist hailing from the heart of Sacramento, CA. Today, Brady calls LA home and is a dynamic figure in the world of entertainment with a career spanning music, acting, and production. That’s right world: this man has got versatility AND talent.

Over 15 years ago, Kyle crossed paths with Sean Crampton at Playhouse West, setting the stage for an enduring creative partnership. During the pandemic, they co-founded Bloomfield Boys Productions, a film production venture that began out of a desire to produce and create films in a manner that aligns with their core values. Their collaborative efforts brought projects like Helmet and Good Bad Things to life.

In addition to starring in The Stalking Fields, Brady composed the score for it.

Kyle's acting prowess reached its pinnacle when he earned the title of Best Actor for his unforgettable portrayal of Richard Peter Johnson, because there clearly is no other achievement higher than playing a porn star named Dick.

When he’s not working, you can find Kyle snuggling his adorable Havanese companion named Lucky, or laughing at his own jokes and spot-on impressions. He treasures his LA family and is excited to add the rest of the IamErica team to the Brady….Bunch….. [cue Kyle's laughter].