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Current Updates

As of February 2024, IAMERICA is complete! We are currently sending our film out to film festivals for consideration and we can’t wait to share our work with film lovers!

If you’ve donated to our dream, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your generous support. Thanks to your belief in our vision, we have made significant progress and are now in the final stages of post processing, editing and finalizing our production.

Your contributions have been instrumental in bringing this project to life, and we are incredibly thankful for your trust in our creative journey. As we move closer to the finish line, we are excited to share some of our accomplishments:

  • Production Milestones: With your support, we have successfully completed principal photography in Lake Arrowhead, CA in early October 2023.  Post production was completed in February 2024.
  • Follow our Instagram: stay up to date with all our accomplishments by following our instagram and sharing our journey with anyone you know that loves to support independent filmmaking and the arts!
  • Talent and Crew: Your donations have enabled us to work with a talented and dedicated cast and crew who are equally passionate about this project. Check them all out on our MEET THE TEAM page.